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I love filling this site with all manner of shameful gossip, scurrilous innuendo, and outright libelous accusations … but I’m sad to say that travel to the far corners of the world to bring you delectably tasty visual representations of audio treats is horrifically expensive. The average show costs me about $500 to fly to, about $200 a night to hang out at, because, well, eating occasionally is nice. Turns out that I drop about $1,000 per show, which means I’m spending a pile of money that could have been spent on gear …. Anyway, I need help to bring show coverage to you and to do it in a way that doesn’t suck — or at least, sucks a lot less than you’d get from the rest of the mainstream audio media.

Which brings me to the hat-on-the-sidewalk.

Wish I didn’t have to do it, but I just can’t keep on this way indefinitely. So, here I am, asking for help. I’m looking for sponsors!

Sponsorship will mean more coverage of more rooms at more audio shows, like (in no particular order) RMAF, Newport, Dagogo, CES, TAVES, SSI, AKFest, Munich High-End, and more — all of which are out of reach without assistance.

Sponsorship also means that there will be more photos. More introductions. More visits. More color commentary. More in-depth detail and more discussion. Did I mention more photos?

And yes — more voices! With sponsorship, I can bring in more and more up-and-coming writers and reviewers — and actually pay them for their time, their skill, and their talent. Novel, I know.

So, what does sponsorship get you?

In return for your generous offer of support, I am offering an acknowledgement in the form of a banner. Call it my Wall Of Fame! You can check out the current Wall Of Fame, there, to the right!

Note that this is not a click-through model. If you fly an awesome banner, you will certainly get more clicks than if your banner is boring. Big banners are better than little ones, animated is better than not, and top-of-the-page is better than rotating at the bottom — I have all those options available. But don’t look for clicks.

Instead, look for impressions. Part-Time Audiophile is trending toward (over) a million visits per year. That’s a stunning amount. I can only imagine that it’s because I tend to get naked and dance like my hair is on fire. But whatever. That’s a lot of eyeballs. Hopefully, that’s value.

But I’m hoping that eyeballs is not the only reason you’ll consider supporting us. We’re attempting to make all this fun, and that’s oddly unusual. Supporting Part-Time Audiophile also supports tomorrow’s cast of writers and semi-pro enthusiasts.

We think you’re all pretty neat. To share that, however, we need help.

More Info?

Need more info? Just feel free to reach right out to me at:

part time audiophile at comcast dot net