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McIntosh MX100 A/V Processor | REVIEW

by Mohammed Samji in Digital 0

Why is PTA reviewing the McIntosh MX100 A/V Surround Sound Processor? It’s no secret that we love music over here at Part-Time Audiophile, and our preferred listening is a properly set up two-channel system. In [...]

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U-Turn Orbit Theory | NEWS

Launching today, a new turntable from U-Turn Audio, a turntable that’s been in the making for several years now. The new Orbit Theory is billed as U-Turn’s most advanced turntable yet, using all-new advanced components. […]


TIDAL Audio Launches Piano G3 | NEWS

“There are few perfect things in this world, but some things come very close to capturing that impression of perfection.” That’s something I wrote about the previous TIDAL Audio (website) Piano iterations, and here we […]

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Enleum AMP-23R Integrated | REVIEW

Enleum AMP-23R – Introduction The Enleum AMP-23R (website) is a product you likely aren’t familiar with unless you’re deeply invested in headphones. You might recognize the name Bakoon (website), however, which was the previous name […]


Credo EV Reference One Loudspeakers | REVIEW

I enjoyed my listening time with the Credo EV Reference One speakers (website) very much. It’s yet another example of the attention to detail and precision-engineered ethos that I’ve experienced in reviewing other “made-in-Switzerland” audio […]


SPL Performer s1200 Power Amplifier | REVIEW

When I first installed the SPL Performer s1200 power amplifier into my main system a few months ago, I was a little worried. The Lab12 Integre4 integrated amplifier had just left the building, and I […]


Meitner MA3 DAC | REVIEW

Palm Trees and Perfect Sound DACs have been abounding at my residence in Santa Monica—the Holo Audio May most recently, and now the Meitner MA3 (website), which is the subject of today’s review. I’ve also […]