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Fern and Roby Isolation Feet | REVIEW

by Marc Phillips in accessories 1

Why do I need the Fern & Roby Isolation Feet in my system? If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been using a gorgeous Fern and Roby equipment rack for the last few years. I love it. [...]

Highlights of the Pacific Audio Fest 2023

Best Sound in Seattle | PAF 2023

PAF 2023

It’s getting more and more difficult picking the Best Sound winners at high-end audio shows. First of all, I’ve heard a number of loudspeakers this year that are competing feverishly to reach new heights of […]

Team Doshi Audio | PAF 2023

PAF 2023

Team Doshi Audio? What’s up with that? It’s an inside joke, mostly. I always cover a certain group of manufacturers who work together in exhibit rooms at high-end audio shows and always achieve impressive results. […]

CanJam Chicago 2023

Highlights of High End Society in Munich 2023

Chord Ultima Integrated | Munich 2023

Munich 2023

Today, Chord Electronics is announcing a new integrated amplifier, the Ultima, priced at £8,500. Ultimate is the first new Chord Electronics integrated amplifier in the past seven years and is the only full-width model in […]

Munich Day 1 | Munich 2023

Munich 2023

This is my third High End Munich show, but this is the first time I actually attended on the first day–Thursday. Not Friday, but Thursday. It’s my fault–I’m used to Friday/Saturday/Sunday high-end audio shows. But […]

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ArgentPur Cables | REVIEW

Do you believe in fate, or that everything happens for a reason? That’s how I felt when I first decided to review ArgentPur cables. First, Ernest Meunier of ArgentPur contacted PTA and asked if we […]


The Magico M9 Experience | REVIEW

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the entire Magico voyage unfold. Well, once they went public that is. Yet the lead-up to that stage is also quite significant. In 1994, some decade before he founded […]

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