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Revisited: PS Audio DirectStream DAC and Memory Player

by Part-Time Audiophile in Digital

by John Richardson OK folks, this one is an ongoing saga here in the world of Part-Time Audiophile. Like a boomerang (or certain Millennial offspring) the subject of this review just keeps coming back again and again. Why? Well that’s an easy one: it’s different each time! What would you say about a DAC that’s essentially future-proof? One that’s forever upgradeable in order to take advantage of future firmware developments in the digital realm? You’d like that, huh? Of course, it’s [...]


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Far Corners


Tidal Piano Diacera G2, with Bricasti M28SE amps and Bricasti M1LE DAC. Oh my. Respighi from Reference Recordings, courtesy of Audio Note UK. Sonore ultraRendu arrives Going digital (again) with Audio Note UK CDT Two/II and DAC 2.1x Signature Great fun from the Jacques Loussier Trio on FIM. Fantastic playing and epic sound quality. Since when is spinning CDs "old school"? Ah, jeez. At least it sounds amazeballs. Bel Canto and Lampizator, a crazy-good pairing.