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DeVore and The Wand | Munich 2023

by Marc Phillips in Munich 2023 1

I was beckoned to the DeVore and The Wand room at High End 2023 by Simon Brown, who I haven’t seen in a few years. Simon Brown is, of course, the designer and builder of [...]

High End Society Munich 2023

Munich 2023

Furutech’s NCF | Munich 2023

My first step into the world of grounding and lowering noise floors started with Furutech’s NCF products, which I’ve been using in my system for several years. Furutech has discovered something very special in its […]

Munich 2023

MoFi Sourcepoint 8 | Munich 2023

After several attempts at various high-end audio shows, I’ve finally been able to sit down and listen to Andrew Jones’ Sourcepoint speakers for MoFi Electronics. The first time I went into the MoFi room, it […]

Munich 2023

Piega and T+A | Munich 2023

During the Florida Audio Expo last February I waxed rhapsodic about the new EMT 928 II turntable in the MoFi Distribution room, only to be blindsided by a couple of readers who said “What about […]

Munich 2023

Børresen M6 | Munich 2023

After reading all this coverage about High End 2023 in Munich, you might be wondering about my friends at Audio Group Denmark and what they had in store for the high-end audio industry. At AXPONA […]

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Rethm Trishna Loudspeakers | REVIEW

Rethm, Pitch, Texture, the three muses of music. Can’t make it without them, can’t think too hard about them or the illusion fades away. But wait… Rethm? The quietly excellent Indian speaker company that’s been […]


Lab12 DAC1 Reference | REVIEW

It’s official. With the exception of my complete set of AudioQuest DragonFlies, I’ve now spent more time listening to the Lab12 DAC1 Reference than any other digital-to-analog converter. Does that portend good things for this […]

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