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Why We Should Drop The Audiophile Label and Start Wearing Watches

by Eric Franklin Shook in Audio-Life

“The only thing worse than audiophile snobbery, is the anti-audiophile snobbery.” Firstly, and mostly to get this out of the way, the term Audiophile sounds creepy. To the newcomer it sounds too much like that other -phile word that so frequently comes with horrible sexual and abusive connotations. Secondly, to those who have a more informed understanding of what an audiophile is, the term begins to promote “segregation” and “otherness.” Having a social label that creates an [...]


Technics has a new toy

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Alta Audio Io Loudspeakers - The Priestess of Bass

Alta Audio Io Loudspeakers - The Priestess of Bass

Alta Audio started for what I think was a great reason. Someone asked. This is the story of a long-time audio-industry person and speaker designer deciding to leave the field, and then a reviewer friend saying, "Hey I want to be able to own current versions of your wonderful speakers—don't stop making them!" I like... Read More »

ATC Launches CDA2 Mk2 CD/DAC/Preamplifier – Now shipping!

Las Vegas, NV (March 11, 2018) – Lone Mountain Audio, the importer of ATC Loudspeaker Technology consumer Hi Fi products from England, and its US sales representative Rutherford Audio are extremely proud to announce the arrival of the CDA 2 Mk2 CD/DAC Preamp, which represents a re-engineering of its predecessor in all the key performance areas. ... Read More »

High Fidelity CT-1 Ultimate Reference Cable System

High Fidelity CT-1 Ultimate Reference Cable System

Few cable manufacturers had the kind of rookie effort Rick had with his first company, Virtual dynamic, in the early 2000s. Like his initial approach, Rick continues to have an unwavering commitment to the use of high powered magnets that surrounds the wire the signal passes through. Rick has several patents, and plenty of data... Read More »

Black Cat Releases LUPINO

Yugawara-machi, Japan - March 8, 2018 - Black Cat Cable introduces LUPINO - a word which means "Little Wolf" in Italian - as a trickled-down and more affordable version of their immensely popular "Lupo" interconnect. "Mama" Lupo is made from 2 x 99.999% pure, annealed silver conductors in a ca: 0.25" dia air-teflon tube, and is... Read More »

Grado Releases the Second Lineage Cartridge, the Aeon

Brooklyn, NY: Grado Labs is proud to release the second Brooklyn built phono cartridge in the new Lineage Series, the Aeon. The Lineage Series is a major step forward in phono cartridge design. With the release of the Epoch phono cartridge last summer, reviews and responses to the Lineage Series have been overwhelming: "For me, a 10... Read More »

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Bob Lark Trio from International Phonograph on a UHA Phase 9 Tascam reel to reel. Smooth, baby, smooth. Jack Johnson on a new Technics SL1200G with a Miyajima Saboten L cartridge. Wow. What a killer ‘table. Audiophile history. Tchaik6 from Silver Circle Audio. Massive power, deep tone. FSBO.

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