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AXPONA 2018: Holm Audio, NAD, Dali, Nordost and the Foundation of Great Sound

by Eric Franklin Shook in AXPONA 2018

The role of silence in the music is more important than most casual listeners understand. Silence eliminates the world around you, allowing the music to stand distinctly from all else. Silence in music is how we mentally keep time, otherwise it’s just unmemorable noise. I think of pauses in the music as auditory bookmarks. The Story Nordost’s QRT range of products have been created to tackle and wrangle poor quality AC power, to effectively get it all in line. Think of them as the drill [...]


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Antipodes X-Series Modular Solutions

Great things can often spring from adversity. So it is with Antipodes new X-Series Modular Solutions. When a key supplier failed, Antipodes was forced to withdraw and replace its DS, DS GT, EDGE and CORE models. Antipodes decided that the replacements would, as with the flagship Antipodes DX, be completely designed and manufactured in-house and... Read More »

exaSound Announces Their New PlayPoint Dual Mono DAC and Network Audio Server

exaSound Announces Their New PlayPoint Dual Mono DAC and Network Audio Server

exaSound is proud to announce the PlayPoint DM next-generation music server and DAC. Combining a reference-grade 32-bit digital-to-analog converter, balanced dual-mono headphone amplifier and Roon-enabled music server in one elegant component, the PlayPoint DM brings simplicity and sonic perfection to your music room. With refinements like dual-mono fully balanced design, two 32-bit DXD/DSD256 DACs with... Read More »

DARIA & Pianist Martan Mann - The Art of the Duo

Wednesday May 23rd, 7pm-9pm Angelica’s 863 Main St., Redwood City, CA 650-679-8184 Reservations

Audio Physic Avanti Loudspeakers

Audio Physic Avanti Loudspeakers

German loudspeaker manufacturer Audio Physic has a long and storied history of innovation. From the employment of side-mounted woofers and narrow baffles featured throughout its loudspeaker lines, to coaxial, string-suspended midrange / tweeter drivers utilized in the legacy Kronos and Caldera II models, and even to the promotion of radical nearfield-based placement recommendations, Audio Physic... Read More »

JCAT USB Isolator - Enhancing USB Audio Playback to the Nth Degree

JCAT USB Isolator - Enhancing USB Audio Playback to the Nth Degree

I've been using JPLAY as my go-to computer-based music player/streamer for the last couple of years—it's without a doubt the very best bang-for-your-buck improvement for use with any PC music playback system. In my review of the Sonore microRendu last year, I found that music via my PC with JPLAY came darn close to matching... Read More »

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