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DVL Audio Album of the Month for September – Cheap Trick

by Rafe Arnott in Canada

This is the third in a monthly series of album reviews I will be doing for DVL Audio here in Canada. I’ll be heading out to a local record store in Vancouver, digging through the bins, and coming up with an intriguing LP to discuss here on Part-Time Audiophile. I’ll never go out with something in mind beforehand, and there is no criteria for whether it’s a new album, an old album, an out-of-print LP, electronic, classical, jazz, punk – whatever – it just has to sound good to [...]


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Cables from Audiomica Laboratory

Cables from Audiomica Laboratory

The end is nigh. I've read the news and it sure looks bad. Hurricanes, forest fires, eclipses! Oh my! Oppression, discrimination, bigotry! Oh no! Chaos and bedlam are consuming the entire world. UV light waves are only the beginning. We have an inch of topsoil left.  And what about the irreversibly progressive depletion of the... Read More »

Impressions: The GamuT Lobster Chair for Audiophiles

Impressions:  The GamuT Lobster Chair for Audiophiles

The GamuT Lobster Chair in the sweet spot at the PF listening room in River City. "And now," said Monty Python, "for something completely different!" When planning, setting up, or upgrading their listening rooms, audio folks don't usually spend too much time considering furniture. After all, loudspeakers. Electronics. Turntables. DSD. RTR tape. Racks. Cables. For... Read More »

Notes of an Amateur: Goerne Sings Bach; Two New Penderecki Releases

Notes of an Amateur: Goerne Sings Bach; Two New Penderecki Releases

Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantatas for Bass. Matthias Goerne, baritone. Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. Gottfried von de Goltz. Harmonia Mundi HMM 902323. If dark power is what you want in Bach's cantatas for bass—and you surely should—then Matthias Goerne is the answer to your prayers. Eloquent darkness is not always what we get from true basses, but... Read More »

A Second Visit to Distinctive Stereo

A Second Visit to Distinctive Stereo

The coincidences were uncanny. Exactly a year ago to the date we first visited Distinctive Stereo. Plus two weekends before that we had gone to Mezzrow, a small jazz club in the West Village, to hear clarinetist Ken Peplowski. Guess where we were and who we saw two weekends before this year? The outing was... Read More »

Transrotor JR Tamino MC Cartridge

Transrotor JR Tamino MC Cartridge

With its top-of-the-range models, Transrotor plays a prominent role internationally in the highest league of analogue playback. However, to date there hasn't been a cartridge matching the high-end turntables in the company's portfolio. The JR Tamino now has come to change this. Of course, the analogue specialists from the traditional region of the so-called Bergisches... Read More »

PrimeSeat Launches DSD 11.2MHz Streaming Audio

PrimeSeat Launches DSD 11.2MHz Streaming Audio

PrimeSeat Presents the NHK Orchestra in DSD 11.2 MHz (Photo: PrimeSeat Software) While many were celebrating Independence Day this 4th of July, a different celebration was happening in Japan and on the Internet. July 4, 2017 was the launch date of 11.2MHz DSD (also known as Quad DSD or DSD 256) Streaming Audio from PrimeSeat. ... Read More »

THE Show Anaheim is Postponed Till 2018

A Press Release sent out to Exhibitors on 7/6/17 Hello Exhibitors, It is with deep regret that I must report to you that I have decided to postpone T.H.E. Show @ Anaheim for 2017 and move it to a new date in 2018. This was not an easy decision for me and the great team... Read More »


Far Corners


KEF LS50 Wireless, streaming Tidal directly. Tidy and surprising. More to come. Tidal Piano Diacera G2, with Bricasti M28SE amps and Bricasti M1LE DAC. Oh my. Respighi from Reference Recordings, courtesy of Audio Note UK. Sonore ultraRendu arrives