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Whole Lotta Tidal Audio | High End 2019

by Marc Phillips in Munich 2019

Spotting a pair of Tidal Audio speakers out in the wild is rare enough–these fascinating transducers from Germany redefine the art of speaker design in so many ways, something that keeps them far from mainstream exposure and ubiquity. I’ve reported on a few high-end audio trade showrooms over the last few months that have used Tidal Audio speakers, and the sound has never been less than a stunning and effortless display of ultimate resolution. I didn’t have that experience at [...]

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World Premiere Review of Grado Statement GS 3000e Headphones

World Premiere Review of Grado Statement GS 3000e Headphones

I thought the GS 2000e was brilliant, being a mahogany/maple sandwich and built with large sophisticated point source driver. The Statement series is Grado Labs' top very approachable headphone series, primarily for the music lover, and secondarily for the music producer. Lighter in weight than the PS series, they are gently warmer and more fun to... Read More »