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USHER SD-500 Loudspeakers | REVIEW

by Eric Franklin Shook in Loudspeakers 0

Usher Audio SD-500 The story of the Usher Audio SD-500 (website) has three beginnings. The first being in the pages of several print magazines, online blogs, and forums where I first encountered the Usher Audio [...]

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U-Turn Orbit Theory | NEWS

Launching today, a new turntable from U-Turn Audio, a turntable that’s been in the making for several years now. The new Orbit Theory is billed as U-Turn’s most advanced turntable yet, using all-new advanced components. […]

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VAC Master Preamplifier | REVIEW

Some hi-fi components take a while to reveal their strengths. Some gear makes me fall in love immediately. For me, the VAC Master Preamplifier (website) fell in the latter category. Over time as preamplifiers of […]


Enleum AMP-23R Integrated | REVIEW

Enleum AMP-23R – Introduction The Enleum AMP-23R (website) is a product you likely aren’t familiar with unless you’re deeply invested in headphones. You might recognize the name Bakoon (website), however, which was the previous name […]


Credo EV Reference One Loudspeakers | REVIEW

I enjoyed my listening time with the Credo EV Reference One speakers (website) very much. It’s yet another example of the attention to detail and precision-engineered ethos that I’ve experienced in reviewing other “made-in-Switzerland” audio […]