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USB Cable Shootout: Synergistic Research Tesla Tricon & Wireworld Ultraviolet

I have an SRT USB cable, a Tesla Tricon, also on loan from Smirky-Smirkerstein, that know-it-all dealer of mine. And yes, it is one of those with the separate power/ground leg yet contained in a single sheath. I’ve been running it in-system for a week to “break it in” to my system, whatever that means, but Ted (the designer) was quite insistent upon this, so fine, I in my recently beaten-down state, decided to humor him. Humility, I believe this feeling is called, but I’m not sure as it is quite alien to me.

Anyway, today, I yanked it while feeling spiteful, and I’m sure all the magic leaked out of it into the aether as a result of this inglorious treatment, but I was curious to see what the Wireworld UV would sound like in its stead. As you can tell, I’m all about the underdog thing, so if a $50 cable can do as well (or nearly as well) as a $500 cable, hallelujah!

So, swap I did. And … it was like the David v Goliath — err, PS Audio versus Berkeley — fight all over again. And as any betting man would expect, Goliath stomped David flatter than the lichen on the rocks he was standing on. Damn it! Damn it all to HELL!

The previous experience of the PS Audio/Berkeley trial was very instructive here. While it seems that the WW UV does have “more” bass, that bass, when compared a/b to the SRT, is muddier, plain and simple. The difference is not night and day, and far less than the difference between the PS Audio and the Berkeley, but its discernible, and as you’d probably expect, that difference is significantly more noticeable with higher volumes. If you only play at low volumes, and through speakers that don’t have terrifically low bass output, I suspect you’d never notice the difference between these cables. But the “fact of the matter” (a phrase I do not use lightly) is that there is a difference and believe me, I am not happy about it.

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