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M2Tech EVO: It’s Alive!

KEF R Series

Ok, so maybe I’m just brain damaged (more probably, I’m just a masochist), but I seem to have figured out my system incompatibility (crossing my fingers here): Dr Bott.

I have an external, high-powered, USB Hub off of which I hang my HRT Streamer +. That damn thing is a juice hog, so I needed a powered USB hub to run the DAC. Fine. It works like a charm, too — so much so that I used it to take everything else off my Mac to free up the other USB buses so that the Legato could get as clean a feed as I could get it.

Well, it seems that the EVO was not a fan. At some point over the last couple of days, I must have jiggled or joggled, tiggled or toggled the power supply, forcing the Dr Bott to do something which the EVO really, really didn’t like. So, right now, I am playing the EVO off of the only USB High-Speed Bus on this machine — all by itself. I think it’s delighted.

Either that, or my server heard me thinking (and typing) murderous thoughts and decided it wasn’t ready to die.

Either way, it’s working again.

KEF R Series
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