M2Tech Woes

Perhaps it was too good to be true. Perhaps it was never meant to be. Perhaps [insert tired cliche here].

What we know at this point: The EVO has hit some turbulence.

I was doing some testing earlier in the week, and as I reported then, the M2Tech EVO was doing remarkably well matched against the reigning champ, the AR-T Legato. Then, inexplicably, the EVO started passing my DAC, an Alpha from Berkeley Audio Designs, nothing but static. I switched inputs on the Alpha from BNC (Legato) to AES (EVO) and poof, music = gone, and in its stead, noisy static.

I rebooted the Mac. No love. I rebooted the DAC. Nothing. I swapped cables. Nope. I reinstalled the driver, rebooted the server, and still got nothing but static. Was the EVO dead? No — I installed drivers on a laptop, and sure enough, beautiful music. So, the USB interface on the EVO is good. The AES interface on the EVO and on my DAC is good. The problem isn’t the EVO, per se. It’s my Mac-to-EVO interface that’s the problem, and as I was sorting out various USB cable/bus/interface connections on the Mac, the OS “blew up”, giving me the Mac equivalent of a BSOD. Eeek!

So, questions about compatibility and alternative drivers are in to both TweekGeek & M2Tech. We’ll see what we’ll see.

The bad thing about this is that I remember something similar happening on this machine when I first got my HiFace. Lots of pops and clicks while the M2Tech team tried to sort out driver issues for “legacy” operating systems like mine.

Methinks the Mac’s days are numbered.

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