End Of Line

Well, folks, the decision is made. I’m heading out on Monday to get a new MacBook Pro to use as a dedicated music server. It’ll be a 13″ model, which should get me all the interfaces I want and a 10 hour battery life to boot. Perfect.

Sadly, this makes the EVO unnecessary. So, back it goes.

All in all, I wasn’t unhappy with the performance. It worked, usually/sort-of. The sound quality was good. But it wasn’t enough to oust my Legato.

After the Christmas holidays, I’ll be investigating the Wavelink, a USB-S/PDIF (BNC) converter from Gordon Rankin’s Wavelength operation. My Computer Audiophile buddy Barrows has one and is enthusiastic about it, which says something, though not sure what, exactly ;-). My hope is that it’ll sound remarkably like the Legato since it uses the exact same Streamlength code to run the USB (the Legato runs a licensed version from Wavelength), and of course, offer up the 24bit/192kHz performance I’m looking for.

So, in the meantime, all hail the undefeated Legato from Analog Research Technologies! Long live the King!

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