End Of Line

Well, folks, the decision is made. I’m heading out on Monday to get a new MacBook Pro to use as a dedicated music server. It’ll be a 13″ model, which should get me all the […]


M2Tech EVO: It’s Alive!

Ok, so maybe I’m just brain damaged (more probably, I’m just a masochist), but I seem to have figured out my system incompatibility (crossing my fingers here): Dr Bott. I have an external, high-powered, USB […]


M2Tech Woes

Perhaps it was too good to be true. Perhaps it was never meant to be. Perhaps [insert tired cliche here]. What we know at this point: The EVO has hit some turbulence. I was doing […]


The EVO has landed

Showed up this weekend, but due to circumstance which completely got away from my control, I haven’t been able to do much with it. Got it wired in, using the wall-wart power supply, a loaner […]


Turntable 101

There are a lot of industry folks current wringing hands and gnashing teeth over the state of the audio marketplace. The only new customers are old. Apple’s iPod & iTunes are killing the hifi. Kids […]


A new cartridge on the horizon

If I were Croesus, I would certainly still have problems. But one of the problems I wouldn’t have is prioritizing upgrades. This annoying/handy little exercise has led me to believe that the first analog upgrade […]


A Digital Savior?

As I might have mentioned, I have a not-quite decrepit 2003 Apple Power Mac G5. It’s a big, aluminum beast. I’ve got the OS running off a small 30GB SSD drive and everything of interest […]

Publishers Desk


Well, TweekGeek is getting a shipment of the latest batch of M2Tech EVO’s in some time in the next week or so, and my new converter will be amongst them. Man, I hope it doesn’t […]


Going vinyl

When I was a kid, my big brother used to sell me his LPs. Not so much that I could have them and keep them — he’d do that, of course, as he had the […]