Total Cost Of Ownership, or something

You know you’ve got things a bit backwards when you find yourself complaining about the cost of the music but not about the cost of the components that play that music. $10,000 for a pair of bespoke monoblocks? No problem! $50 for a 45rpm remaster of a 1958 jazz masterpiece? No way!

Yeah, that’s a problem.

But lookee what I found the other day!

Somethin' Else Sidewinder Moanin'

Now, I’m sure that these Blue Note Reissues by Acoustic Sounds are, in fact, da bomb. And yes, they have a tremendous collection of titles. Okay, yes, they fill me with a rather strong urge to do something rather financially dubious — like buy the entire set. All at once.

Go Blue Train No Room

But here’s the (my) problem: I don’t have any of these. So, getting them all would be … well … expensive. There are 42 titles current (with 8 more on the way), so at $50 a pop, that’ll set you back $2100 and then some …. my oh my. Oh well. LOL.

Allen Manning is the man in charge of the Blue Note Reissues (and also those from The Verve, Impulse and ORG) over at Acoustic Sounds. Give him a ring at 1.800.716.3553 or find him at allen at acousticsounds dot com. He can set you up with a subscription service to have these great albums sent directly to you as they come off the presses.

Quite a few of these titles have been through the hands of Stereophile’s Michael Fremer. He’s been kind enough to publish his thoughts on the quality of the audio for some of them over at Music Angle.

Me? I’m savin’ up!

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