Order in! Plinius Koru on the way

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I met a loon.

Many (many …) years later, my very good friend got me hooked on audio. It was how my obsession started. And there, in the beginning, there was Plinius. And it was goooooood.

I’d always envied him that big hunk of aluminum love, so when the time came, I happily brought home this SA-Reference amplifier. It’s matched with a Tautoro preamp. And now, the newest Plinius is winging its way to me from the Left Coast: my very own Koru phono preamp.

It’s hard to say why I bought it. Partly, my local dealer Jeff at Command Performance A/V heartily endorsed it. Partly, my relationship with the distributor Scot Markwell of Elite A/V, sold me on it. But one thing that didn’t sell me on it? The online reviews. There aren’t any! Okay, that’s not entirely true, there’s a couple, but certainly nothing to really base any solid conclusions on. AudioEnz prefers the classical Plinius sound (warm) and the products that go with it. WhatHiFi might as well have not even bothered. Nothing on AudiogoN or Audio Asylum, and a similar nothing in the audiophile trade rags. What’s the deal, people? Doesn’t Plinius advertise enough?

Anyway, ears I trust tell me that the Koru is very linear, grain-free with great bass and (new) Plinius treble extension. It’s also adjustable as all hell and since I actually got back into vinyl with the phono board in their combo preamp, the venerable-yet-still-mighty Plinius M-16p, and I loved it, I feel reasonably comfortable moving up the Plinius food chain. Better still, I got me a demo unit, so it was rather more affordable (ahem!) than the alternatives from Art Audio, Esoteric and Manley Labs.

Should be here next week. [Insert Big Grin Here]

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