Tonearm quandry

It’s not like it’s an emergency or anything, but at some point, some day, I’m going to want to upgrade the tonearm on my Dr. Feickert Blackbird turntable. It shipped with this modified 10.5″ Jelco […]

Publishers Desk

A (short) Visit to Evolution A/V

Today, I found myself wandering around Tyson’s Corner, VA, of all places. For those that don’t know, Virginia has graciously decided to accept stimulus money so that they can pave the entire northern part of […]


Crazy for Rodrigo y Gabriella

You ever feel like you’ve almost missed the bus on just about everything that’s cool or interesting? Loser. Witness: Rodrigo y Gabriella! I want to say that the music of these two guitar virtuosos is […]


I Hate FedEx

Did I mention that I sold my awesome Sumiko Blackbird Cartridge? I was just sitting in the box, looking lonely, so I AudiogoN’d it. Went out last week and the lucky soul got it tonight […]