Full range, part 3

A couple of weeks ago, I sent out some feelers into the audio world about what a full-range loudspeaker would look like — if the budget was $20k. Yes, this is a shocking amount for a loudspeaker, but as I’ve discussed in the past, there’s something odd that happens in loudspeaker design when you start reproducing the 20-30Hz frequency range, that is, the price seems to rise almost exponentially.

Anyway, here’s today’s challenge. What if we float the price to $32k? What get’s dragged into the mix at that price point? Again, the rules are simple:

  • Real, deep, bass. Flat to 25Hz is fine.
  • Cost is below $32k. New is preferred, but not required.
  • Must play well with solid-state, specifically, Plinius amps (I have an SA-Reference — sorry, not interested in switching back to tubes).
  • Looking for the “last speaker I’ll ever want to own”.

Yep, odd and totally arbitrary, but it’s my game. You want to change the rules, start your own game. 😉

Some contenders:

  • Joseph Audio Pearl 2
  • Wilson Audio Sascha
  • Avalon Eidolon Diamond
  • Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario

For random and various reasons, I’ve ruled out anything by YG, Eggleston Works, Von Schweikert Audio, Nola, B&W, VMPS, Tyler Acoustics, Vandersteen, KEF and Legacy Audio.

Game on!

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