Dr Feickert Platterspeed

Saw this on Stereophile’s SSI blog today: Dr Feickert’s PlatterSpeed iPhone/iPad app. With Dr Feickert’s Adjust+ 7″ TestRecord (apparently now available), you can now measure your platter speed. The blog notes that you’re also able to do wow and flutter, crosstalk, skating force, and channel balance, but I don’t see any of that in the app. Adjust+ has that extra stuff, sure, but PlatterSpeed does not appear to. Not sure why it would, I mean, it’s a free app called “PlatterSpeed” for cryin’ out loud, not a $700 app called “Adjust+”.

Anyway, assuming they’re not just utterly confusing the two products, there is a snag. You need an iOS compatible microphone.

Which makes Apogee’s new Mic pretty nifty.

A studio-grade microphone, coming soon. Interesting fit, I think, with the iOS Adjust+/PlatterSpeed app.

More details if/when they become relevant ….