Audio Sensibility

I met Steven Huang at RMAF in 2010 where he was showing with TTWeights, providing all the cables for that rather impressive demo. His cable company, Audio Sensibility, just got profiled by Stereophile in their SSI 2011 coverage.

At that time, I wasn’t really all that interested in cables — I was shopping for turntables. But I kept being reminded about Steven’s display. “Perfect Crystal Ohno Continuous Cast Copper” is what he uses in his high end cables, and apparently, this is quite the thing in audiophile circles, and everything is cryo-treated. Great parts, sure, but how are the specs?

Well, they’re good. Very good.

As I’ve written elsewhere here, its all about capacitance when we talk about interconnects. Well, how’s 6.5pF/ft? That’s the spec on their balanced “Testament” i/c’s. By contrast, Cardas Clear is 8pF/ft. Blue Jeans (my current reference) is 13pF/ft.

Here’s the kicker. The price is $289/1m pair.

Great parts, great specs and a great price. What’s not to like?

I’m gonna need to try these bad boys out, pronto.

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