Audio Sensibility: Grounding Device

As I mentioned, I started noodling around the Audio Sensibility website following the Stereophile profile they did during the Montreal SSI show. I found a cable maker that’s doing some really interesting things with wire, who’s not only getting great results, but doing it through quality parts and made to outstanding specs. I love it when that happens. Especially when the result is cheap (relatively speaking).

So, I wrote to Steven Huang to see what’s what. Turns out he’s got a brand new Statement cable coming out that’s got an even better capacitance rating of 8pF/ft, which is equivalent to Cardas Clear and 50% lower than my budget-reference Blue Jeans Cables. Add PCOCC copper, some shielding and a smattering of other improvements, and now I’m all hot under the collar to get some of these guys in.

Turns out Steven has another trick up his sleeve: the Grounding Device. There are 2 versions, dependent upon the wiring used. His Statement version will run $80/pair while his Testament version will run a $35/pair.

According to CanadaHifi, “the grounding device is a pair of short cables designed to connect to the negative posts on the speakers, terminated with a spade connector on one end and a rubber cap on the other end.” As for what they do, well, let’s let Steven tell it:

The improvement in soundstage can be quite dramatic, especially with traditional class A/B solid-state or tube amplifiers. Results are mixed with SET tube amplifiers though and not recommended for class D switching amplifiers. Similar devices are sold by AudioPrism [their Ground Control solution] for $150 Standard and $250 Reference per pair.

The fact that these devices should make any difference in sound is mystifying. Sure to give convulsions to those in the audio ‘flat earth society’ and those who feel that cable performance peaks with Blue Jeans Cable products.

Color me curious!

I’ve read the 6moons review of the Ground Control product from Audio Prism. The main reviewer was pretty enthusiastic, but indicated that the effects might be subtle. For me, this is usually the kiss of death, especially since the secondary reviewer appeared to be entirely nonplussed.

Still, as tweaks go, this one is a cheapie. What’s not to like? Maybe it’ll help. I mean, I do have a (big ass) Class A/B amp, right?

Stay tuned!

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  1. Might all heard this, which dreaded 60Hz hum with the loudspeakers of the home theater or even house sound system. Hopefully you heard this at a pal’s house and not your personal. It can drive you completely nuts. You might have even attempted, unsuccessfully, to repair the little noise issue. That may cause you to even more crazy. What causes that terrible sound throughout your loudspeakers?

    • Not sure what you’re referring to? That hum sounds like a ground loop problem and the Grounding Device wouldn’t really affect that, I don’t think. A cheater plug might, though.

    • Not really. I’ve really tried to notice something with these, but on my current system, there’s just not much to report. I have some more high-sensitivity (and revealing) speakers in the queue — hopefully they’ll be better lenses into the effects that these little gadgets have.

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