A day at Axpona 2011: LSA Group

I first heard the LSA 1 Statement monitors at RMAF and flipped for them. Then, like here, they showed with the LSA Statement Integrated. Unlike then, the monitors didn’t shine quite as brightly as they did at RMAF. At Axpona, I was a little underwhelmed by the bass response — it was just uneven and threw the overall presentation into the mud. Which was something of a shock as this was one of my favorite stops at RMAF. Same gear, different room, and that made all the difference. Well, yes. Apparently it did. And sadly this was the first of the many rooms that fell victim to the near-universally bad Sheraton room acoustics. Bummer.

Anyway, if I happen to get to RMAF this year, we’ll hopefully see a whole different animal (again). Which would be nice because I know these speakers can sound a whole lot better.