A day at Axpona 2011: Sanders Sound

The all-Sanders room was a nice treat. Apparently, whatever the LSA Group had caught wasn’t in evidence here in ESL preserve that was the Sanders Sound room. They had their big 10c panels on display and sounding pretty sweet. $13k buys you the bass amp and the DEQX crossover. Coupled with their $4k ESL amp, the sound here was very nice. Smooth. Seamless. Coherent — which is interesting (and great), given that the bass was omni and the “everything else” was dipole. I liked it.

What I wasn’t so keen on was the narrow sweet-spot, but this is an ESL thing, so you’re probably already clued in to this. No idea what I’m talking about? Well, perhaps the room setup would clue you in — 3 chairs, all in a row. That is, 3 in a line, with each chair just behind the one in front. Like I said, a narrow sweet spot.

Dynamics were excellent. Voices were very natural. Bass was deep and convincing. What else do you want?

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