Magnepan delays

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. When the 1.7 was released last year, the order queue filled much faster than Magnepan had anticipated and very quickly, the backlog stretched 4+ months. I actually ended up cancelling my order after 2 months of no word and no timeline from Minnesota.

This time, I’m being a bit more proactive. I called Magnepan today and asked where my speakers were in the queue. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh? Anyway, here’s the news.

For speaker orders placed last month, the estimated build/ship dates are now late August.

This is pretty much what happened to the 1.7 queue last year at this time, so it looks like Magnepan was just as inundated with orders of the 3.7 as they were with the 1.7. Good news for them, and for us, well, patience is a virtue, isn’t it?

I’m really bad at patience.

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