SACD Playback and more: Oppo, Accuphase … or what?

This is an odd problem to have. I currently own a superb Accuphase SACD player and perhaps I’m just being weird, but the urge to “upgrade” it is pretty strong. I’m just not sure I should. My primary playback is done via computer to a Berkeley Alpha DAC (superb) or through my vinyl rig (also superb). But I do have a pile of SACDs that I can’t play except through the Accuphase, and occasionally folks will bring over CDs that I don’t want to rip, blah blah blah.

So, should I sell the Accuphase and get an Oppo BDP95? Or something else? Maybe even a converged SACD+DAC system, like a DCS or Esoteric or something?

Honestly, I don’t spin CDs often (or actually, ever) except when I’m entertaining, which … isn’t often. But it’s a really nice capacity to have. Isn’t it? LOL.

I keep wondering about high-res disks. I wonder if Blu-Ray isn’t going to be the “format of the future”. I wonder if the Oppo is even close to the Accuphase in performance with SACD. I wonder, wonder, wonder.

Say I sell the Accuphase. Say I also want “more” than the Oppo. Where to go? I need to noodle on this a bit more, I think ….

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  1. That’s kind of what I’m in. I have a antelope zodiac. D. A. C. Hooked to a rega. C. D. P. If I hook up an $ 2000. C. D. P. Will it sound better then the zodiac confused in mi.

    • Maybe? Hard to say. Transports to DACs have some impact, but it’s usually subtle.

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