Well, that tears it: Blue Jeans Cables vs Clarity Cables

Ok, fine.

Clarity Cables Organic speaker cables and interconnects sound better than Blue Jeans Cables 10-White speaker cables and LC-1 interconnects. A lot better. Of course, the Clarity Cables cost about 45x more than the Blue Jeans Cables, but there you go.

What’s different? Well, everything. Bass is deeper, transients are faster, decays are longer, mids are more silky, highs are more airy. It’s everything and it’s pretty significant, too — swapping over to Clarity was big jump. If the Clarity are a 10 of 10, the BJC cables are a 7 at most. Like I said, it was a big step up.

One caveat — power. I’m beginning to wonder at the quality of my power delivery. Using the same gear in two different locations, with everything the same but the cables and power distribution, I’m getting far more detail when not using my own power distribution. Oops. More on that soon as I’m working to bring in one of the new Shunyata Hydra boxes just to see what’s what. Stay tuned.

Now, yeah, fine. I didn’t double-blind the testing or any of that. Sue me. But I stand by my findings, and believe me, I’m not happy about it.

More to come soon, I promise.

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