Capital Audiofest 2011, Take 1

Well, it’s now quiet. The show has closed for the day. I’m home. The kids are in bed. The wine is poured. [sip!] Ahhhh …. A good day.

It was, unfortunately, wildly unproductive. I got delayed at lunch (dim sum at A&J simply cannot be rushed) and when I finally ambled on over to the hotel I realized that the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rockville is not the same place as the Crowne Plaza Hotel I went to prom at 25 years or so ago. Ooops. Google Maps to the rescue.

So, I finally wander in around 2pm. The show is definitely moving along at this point, but the traffic volume is low. Which is perfect. I figured that this would be the perfect time to start my methodical progression through each room, noting what was playing, what was in the room, &c.

I made it to three rooms before the wheels came off the bus. The best laid plans of mice and audiophiles … or something ….

I just kept running into people. Folks from past shows, local dealers, online acquaintances. And then, of course, all the celebrities wanting my email, website address and business cards. Yep. I’m known. (Not). Though two very nice young ladies did come up to me to ask if I was interested in attending their church that afternoon. Apparently, I look like I need saving.

Some days, it’s hard to be me.

[pour … and … sip] Ahhhh … but eff all that. It was a good day, did I mention that?

I got to meet John Atkinson, aka Mr Stereophile, today as he was chatting up EveAnna Manley. I got to watch as Chris Sommovigo, Jeff Joseph, John and EveAnna traded political potshot with each other. Seriously!

I won’t bore you with the details, but seeing John Atkinson, what with his quiet British accent, stand up and start angrily declaiming about the writings of Adam Smith, and then seeing Chris Sommovigo lift that couch and shove both EveAnna and Jeff Joseph bodily out of the room after a particularly wicked comment, was only overtopped when EveAnna pretty much put the hurt on everyone in the room. I’ve never seen anyone move that fast outside of a Chuck Norris film. I might have peed myself a little bit. There was some crazy shit going down in the Crowne Plaza tonight, I tellya what!

[pooooour … and … sip! sip! sip! ] Ahhhh….

Anyways, where wahz I?

Oh yeah. The show!

Some highlights, before I dig in more haphazardly | half-assedly | more thoroughly:

Command Performance had Jeff Joseph’s new Perspective. I’ve written and wondered about this speaker for months since it’s January announcement, but Jeff assured me that orderability for it should be turned on in September. Or December. One or the other. I think he was kidding. Maybe. I’m hoping for sooner because whenever he finishes it, you’re going to want one. They’re spectacular. MSRP pricing is currently set for $11,800.

High Water Sound had the nicest turntable I’ll never manage to afford on display (again), the TW Acustic Black Night. This $45k monster is just amazing. I want to … own … this table. And … ah … do things … with it. It’s, ah, yeah. I love it? Mmm, hmmm. Also in the room are those Horning Euphradites that Jeff Catalano had at Axpona and RMAF. The soundstaging on these ~$24k speakers is the best I’ve ever heard. It’s d – e  – e – p and w – i – d – e. Imaging has been consistently spectacular.

There’s so much more. Like the new AMR DAC. The Transmission Audio M3. The MA Recordings I couldn’t live without. The mbl room, and what is up with those tape decks!?! Tidal … oh, my, don’t get me started. Yeah, there’s lots more to write about. And the show isn’t even over yet.

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  1. Missed this when you posted–I’m happy to hear that I wasn’t the only one to visit the Hilton on Rockville Pike before finding the new Crowne Plaza!

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