CAF 2011: Cathedral Speakers & Integra Home Theater

The “architectural” look of these cathedral speakers don’t really hide the speakers, per se, but they do look very different than your run-of-the-mill loudspeakers. Whether or not this is enough to earn WAF will of course be a matter of taste. It’s worth a shot, no?

On display were the Integra Home Theater top-of-the-line preamp, the DHC 80.2, along with a 70.1 amp and an Integra player whose model number I forgot to check. The 80.2, which is two revs higher than the DTC 9.8 currently sitting in my 5.1 HT setup, looks pretty much exactly the same. I mean, its indistinguishable from any distance. Anyway, the receiver lineup just got rev’d less than a month ago, so the 80.2 and 70.2 are now sitting on top of much younger siblings carrying a dot-3 designation in the supporting lineup (50.3, 40.3, 30.3, 20.3). So, naturally, I asked when the top-of-the-line would be getting the refresh. Surprisingly, I got an answer: 3 months. And the 80.3, at least, will include new DACs and include goodies like DTS Neo X and will support the nex-gen 4kx2k HDTV resolution. I had no idea BluRay was so passe.