Sonic Studios says Apple OSX “Lion” is a no-go

I got an email from Sonic Studios today that I thought I would pass along. Might have some immediacy for those of you with Mac-based music-servers. Seems like we’re in for a rough patch with the new OS. Whoops.

Amarra & Lion OS 10.7

Like a lot of Mac users, everyone here on the Amarra team is excited about the release of Mac OS 10.7 “Lion”. Apple just released OSX Lion today and you may be wondering how Lion will affect you as an Amarra user.

Should I upgrade?

At this time, we recommend that you DO NOT upgrade your current operating system to Lion.

While this new version of OSX will offer most Mac users some interesting new functionality, it will also come with many more background functions turned on or enabled (i.e Security, Auto Save, iOS look/feel, etc.). While this may be good for general users, it is not good from a Music Server perspective. We want your Amarra Computer Music Player and your Mac focusing on playing back your music, not a few hundred other things going on…

NOTE: Amarra, MINI and Junior have been tested on developer versions of Lion and found to perform as expected. That said, it is always best to wait awhile before upgrading to a brand new operating system as there may be issues in the official release with devices such as DACs and in other areas of the OS. Generally, unknown issues with a new OS get discovered and addressed quickly.

If you do upgrade your current Mac OS to Lion, a few undesirable things could happen:

1) Any OS optimizations you have perfomed will be overwritten/undone.
2) Your Amarra product may sound worse.
3) If you change your OS and need Amarra technical support for Lion, we may have to charge you for a support session.

So what should you do?

Just keep using Amarra, MINI or Junior with your current Mac OS X version. This will help ensure your music playback continues working without disruption or degradation. The last thing we want is for your Amarra Computer Music Player not to work properly when you need it to.

If you must upgrade to Lion, you can set up a separate Snow Leopard partition on your Mac to continue running Amarra. You can learn more about setting up a partition at this article by Apple:

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