Hee hee! First day with my new Magnepan 3.7 speakers!

Magnepan 3.7

Ordered in late April, I took delivery of my new Magnepan 3.7s last night. Tom Unger, of The Gifted Listener out in Centreville, VA very kindly drove them up here, braving DC traffic, country roads, and idiot drivers. We had them out of his van and set up in all of 30 mins. Sweet!

I ordered mine with the textured aluminum trim. Its kind of hard to see — but then, that’s what macro lenses are for, now innit?

This is utterly fingerprint-proof and from more than 5′ away, looks utterly smooth.

While I have ordered some Mye Stands from Grant VanderMye, the stands that come with it aren’t really much of a problem. The speakers, perhaps because they’re the aluminum trim, feel very robust and rigid. I’m not feeling any sway — or even any vibration in the speaker trim while the speaker is playing. Of course, I’m not using anything but my calloused fingers to test this, so WTF do I know.

Ok, so that’s not the best pic. Sue me.

One of the things I wanted to see when I was shopping was the back panel. Here it is:

There’s two attenuators that you can add, one for the midrange and one for the treble. I’ve opted to use the stock attenuator for the treble while the speaker is breaking in. Tom suggested that “that’s what most folks do”, so I didn’t argue, though I’ll probably be pulling this in about a month. There are stock fuses in there now and a stock jumper pin in the slots for the midrange attenuator. Yeah, I’m already thinking about swapping those out too.

I’m currently using a set of WyWires speaker cables. so you can see the beautiful Xhadow bananas coming out of the amplifier terminals. Speaking of which, the terminals are banana-only. So, if your cables are spaded (spayed? spaid?), you’re going to need some kind of banana-to-whatever adapter. Oh, and a screwdriver to get those little screws out of the way.

Despite my wretched attempts at photography, the speakers sit straight up. No tilt at all. And thin is still “in” — we’re talking 1.5″ tops. And they’re every bit of 6′ tall. The sound stage doesn’t really “do” anything when I sit or stand — it’s all right there, wherever my head happens to be. Just like in real life. 😉

And no, that’s not a crossover box sitting on the floor. That’s my AR-T Legato.

Here’s a side view, showing the ASC Tube Traps in the corner and a couple of Alan Maher Designs plug in filters sitting on the floor.

Nice carpet stains. Now you know why my wife was okay with my claiming this corner of the basement.

Here’s the other side.

I’ve been playing music through them pretty much non-stop since Tom & I finished setting them up. The sound is, in a word, fantastic. Bass is still a bit light, but imaging is great — perhaps even better than they sounded at The Gifted Listener on that first visit back in April. I’m thrilled.

Hee hee!