Sold the Alpha: now what?

I sold my Alpha. I’m still not really sure why. It’s complicated. But — it’s gone and I have the cash in hand. The HRT Streamer II+ is standing in for now (and doing a surprisingly fine job, I have to add). But … I also have an old Accuphase I could sell and together with the cash from the Alpha, that’s quite a pile.

So, naturally, this is when Temptation sneaks in.

So, today’s poll: what should be my next DAC? Should I stick with the order I have already in for a brand spanking new Berkeley Audio Alpha DAC (like I said, it’s complicated) and use that with the Alpha USB I also have on order … or should I cancel them both and shoot the moon? And assuming that I can afford to shoot the moon, what would that even look like?

Time for a poll!

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