New Black Cat Morpheus at RMAF 2011

Remember those excellent speaker cables from Black Cat that I talked about a while back? You know, the Morpheus XL? Well, it seems that they’re heading out into the light of day. Production time! The version I was so happy with, the version that Chris Sommovigo was referring to as the “XL”, has been selected as the standard offering. That is, there will be only one Black Cat speaker cable, it’s called Morpheus, and it’s awesome. As far as I can tell, the only change from the version I had here is the all-new jacket — the new Morpheus will be going red in a big way.

Pricing was set for $500 for a 3m pair. However, through some aggressive belt-tightening, Chris and team have decided to instead offer the cable at $350. Same exact cable. $150 price drop before they even hit the street. Sweet, no?

General availability should be after RMAF, where they’ll be making their debut at The Signal Collection’s room (#574) and shown on Davonne speakers with Absoluta amplification.

Interested parties are encouraged to sign up at Black Cat Cable for full details, release info and pre-ordering. Ordering from The Cable Company will be available during and after the show.

Get on it. And tell Chris you heard it from me.

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