RMAF 2011: Seminars Posted

Looks like the seminar schedule for RMAF has firmed up a bit.

At this point, I’m planning on hitting “The Future of High-Resolution Computer-Based Audio” on Saturday at 4pm. The panel lineup looks interesting: Gus Skinas; Andreas Koch (designer of Playback Designs); Bruce Brown, Puget Sound Studios; David Chesky of Chesky Records & HDtracks.com; Jonathin Tinn of Blue Light (and the distributor for Playback Designs); Danny Kaey, Apple.

I’ll also hit the John Atkinson seminar on Sunday for “Loudspeaker Measurements Explained” just because it’s a classic — and I missed it last year.

There are a bunch of interesting things out there, so hit the link, here. I remember wishing the show were longer — just getting to all the rooms was tough — so I’m going to keep my schedule light.

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