RMAF 2011: It’s a wrap!

Well, the show is over. I’m home. The house is still here, the kids still remember me and my wife is still talking to me. Success!

Speaking of success, I’ve uploaded well over 500 photos from the show. Yeah. That’s a lot.

So, over the course of the next week or so, I’ll be posting them and offering commentary. Yes, I know. And yes, it’ll probably take at least a week. Sorry about that. Life, family, work, got to get all that in there somewhere too, you know. Hey, did I mention I’m not being paid to do this? Anyway. Moving on.

Highlights of the show? Well, actually there were lots. Veal steak. The registration line curving out the door and into the parking lot. The number of women — and little kids — wandering the halls. Heck, there were a boat load of not-old-people at this year’s show. Take that, Steven Stone! YG was everywhere this year. So was computer audio (sweet!). Little speakers, big speakers, didn’t matter — I heard some glorious sound from both. And some not so glorious sound. Batteries. Tubes. Honking big amps. Oh my!

Quite a show. Stick around! I’ll have more … starting tomorrow. But first, did I tell you about my trip?

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