RMAF 2011: Ayon and Lumenwhite

Now, please remember when you read the following characterization that I was working off a huge Delta Airlines induced deficit, okay? I wasn’t at my best. I was, in point of fact, still drinking my morning’s first Cup of Life, and not entirely cognizant of the world around me. So, leaving the Empirical Audio room and wandering blithely into the room by Ayon was, quite literally, like diving into a sauna after climbing out of an ice bath.

Two things hit me immediately:

  1. I was sweating buckets in under 5 seconds.
  2. Wow! That’s a lot of glass!

Now, I like Ayon. Black and silver-chrome with lots and lots of glowy bits. What’s not to like? Fronting some glorious-sounding Lumenwhite speakers, there must have been 40 or more tubes running for amplification (I guess they were bi-amping?) alone, so even in the spacious demo room, I was simply unable to stay long or risk being cooked well beyond my recommended medium rare. I’m a fan of Accuton drivers, and when driven by Ayon, the sound was fast, detailed, airy and spacious.

Very inviting, if not for that whole stuffed-pig-on-spit spinning-on-the-rotisserie thing.

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