RMAF 2011: Sjöfn Hifi

It’s a trite little truism that “good things come in small packages”. Well, in this case, it was true enough for my Best in Show award. The Clue, Sjöfn Hifi’s $999 wonder, knocked my socks right off. I was blown away. If I can think of another trite hyperbolic expression, I’ll be sure to add it in here too.

Right away, I was struck at how clear and articulate these little speakers were. Driven by Hegel electronics and shoved right up against the wall just like Audio Note speakers, I knew the speakers couldn’t be producing the bass I was hearing. It had to be the room. But, who cares? The bass was deep and tuneful. The mids were rich and tangible. The treble as clear and sweet as you could want. Whatever was going on, it worked. And I loved it.

If I had any need for stand mounted speakers, I’d be getting these.

According to the handout, the speakers should be ‘less than 2.5″ from the wall behind them — the closer the better — but not actually touching the wall’ with 2″-3″ of acoustic material directly behind the speaker.

I’m wondering if these wouldn’t be awesome tucked into a cabinet on a hi-fi home theater setup. Hmmm.

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    • I did hear the Penaudio room, but didn’t hear anything to write about. I’ve heard good things about the brand, however, and look forward to hearing them in better conditions and with different gear.

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