RMAF 2011: WyWires now with Bybee? Yes!

For those of you that might possibly have missed it, I think WyWires provides some of the best bang-for-the-buck wires currently available. Their speaker cables and interconnects both carry specialty connectors from Xhadow and sport some of the best specs in the business, if that sort of thing matters to you. Most importantly, the “sound” that these wires carry into your system is dynamic, full range, rich, sweet and extended — and in my experience, this combination of characteristics is bizarrely difficult to balance much less find together in a single wiring loom.

What’s new? Bybee. That’s right, WyWires’ Alex Sventitsky is now working on integrating Bybee technology into his wires. There’s still some challenges to work out (the big speaker bullets are rather bulky, so the challenge will be finding a way to package them effectively), but the design is pretty much there — enough so that Alex was willing to talk pricing.

Adding Bybee “bullets” to WyWires …

  • LITESPD digital connections will add $250 to a base $329.
  • Interconnects will add $500 to a base $849.
  • Speaker cables will bring the price of the package to $3699 a pair.

Interesting news! Pricing is still preliminary and availability is still TBD, but Alex was broadly hinting that they should be orderable by the end of the year.

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