RMAF 2011: Eggleston, Stahl-Tek, Pass Labs and some pretty flowers

Just because. It was actually kind of refreshing to walk into an audio demo room and have the first thing that hit me, visually, was something other than chrome, glass, or polished wood. Well, for a second at least.

Much thanks to High End Palace for putting together a great sounding room with the brand-new $8k Eggleston Fontaine Signature, an $8200 X-250.5 Pass Labs amplifier, a $6800 TACT Audio RCS 2.2 XP preamp (w/room correction) and $72k worth of Stahl-Tek digital gear (CD + DAC) front ending the system.

New Eggleston — not on the website yet. An upgrade to the Fontaine II.

Some expensive, but glorious, digital from Stahl-Tek.