RMAF 2011: Joseph, Bel Canto, Cardas, VPI, Aurender

Once again! The Joseph Audio room was a bit of a reprise, at least to me, of the room put together for the Capital Audio Fest this past summer. Another sighting of the elusive $12k Joseph Audio Perspective loudspeaker. Another day spent sighing aloud, wondering “when, oh when?”

Well, at least this time I got to sink my teeth in and take a healthy bite. Yum. Great sound in here!

As at CAF, Bel Canto provided the electronics, including a brand new $1.5k CD3T transport-only disc spinner, a pair of $4k Ref500M monoblocks, a Bel Canto DAC3.5VB and its VBS-1 battery PSU. A VPI Classic turntable was sitting in the back.

Big, blue Cardas Clear cabling used throughout.

Also new to me was the very impressive $6.5k WideaLab Aurender S10 music server. This unit features some extremely specialized clocks to ensure a super-low jitter output. This was very simply the best looking computer-based music server at the show — extremely impressive and the iPad interface was simple to use and effective. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to play with it enough. Another time ….

Jeff Joseph, looking satisfied. And well he should, this was a supremely confident sounding room. Great sound, with brilliant sound stage and a rich touch-me mid range. Actually, the sound reminded me of the Merlin Music room quite a bit! Easily a favorite with everyone at the show and the crowd was quite lively every time I tried to elbow into the room.

A little bird told me that the Perspectives should be out by Christmas. Okay, it wasn’t a bird. It was Jeff. “It’s coming!” says he.

WideaLabs importer Sanjay Patel of Ciamara Corp (right) with Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg.

Bel Canto’s John Stronczer and Andrew Regan of Cardas Audio.