RMAF 2011: Pete Riggle’s Woody

Pete Riggle’s new $1600 Woody tonearm. This arm has VTF, Azimuth, anti-skate — and all these adjustments can be done while the record is actually playing! No hex wrenches necessary, just thumbscrews.

Shown at RMAF with a 9″ armwand, Pete can make them in any size. Removable headshell, sure, to facilitate cartridge attachment, but there’s “captured wire” from cartridge clips to RCA bullets. XLR is an option. Hell, just about every thing is — Pete makes these by hand, himself, and he’ll work with you on just about any option that tickles your fancy.

Personally? I’m thinking Arm #2 on the big Raven that’s winging it’s way over here.

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