RMAF 2011: Sonicweld

The Sonicweld room was a bit of a hoot. The $125k Pulserod system was totally over the top, but still, the sound quality in this room that featured room correction from DEQX was surprising.

The Space Age has arrived.

Overall, I think I preferred the vinyl that Marc Philips was spinning over that coming from the digital side, but check out that photo. Apparently, the new Diverter now accepts lightning bolts via it’s 24bit/192kHz USB interface.

Turns out that the glowing monster was merely a Locus USB cable, courtesy of the late Lee Weiland. The sheath does … ah … amazing things to flash photography. LOL.

WyWires’ Alex Sventitsky taking a break in the PFO/Audio Evo/Colleen Cardas/SonicWeld room.

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  1. We had SO much fun in that room. We all had to be together, as it was Lee who was on our minds the whole time. Glad you stopped in Scot! Josh really didn’t the system totally dialed (we were workin’ on it all night before the show started) until the third day.

    Man, it was a heavy time – we had just lost our brother…

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