RMAF 2011: Thiel, Jeff Rowland

The big $12k Thiel 3.7s, standing there, looking very … ah … masculine. Fronting them was a $13k Model 625 stereo amplifier. Sitting on top of the amp is the $9800 Aeris DAC.

This was a first for me on two accounts. One, I’ve never seen nor heard (nor touched, but that’s another issue) any of Jeff Rowland’s gear. Two, because I’ve never heard a Thiel speaker sound half this good. While some of my friends disagreed with me, my impression of this dimly lit room was entirely positive and on both visits and the music was easy, clear and sensuous.

Jeff Rowland, running tunes to his new Aeris DAC. Hey, is that Bryston BDP-1 tucked behind his shoulder?

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