RMAF 2011: Revel, Jones

Here I found $23k Revel Salon 2 loudspeakers driven by new $24k PA-M300 Series 2 Monoblock Amplifier from Jones Audio. This is their first commercial release of a product that’s been in development for the last 6 years. A 35lb 1ooovA toroidal transformer pushes 300wpc into 8ohm/560 into 4ohms with an unregulated power supply featuring “ripple rejection” and a very short signal path. The heat sink is directly below the wildly decorative air vents on the top of the case — form following function.

Making it’s debut was at RMAF was a prototype of the $12k PRE-S-1 Stereo Preamplifier, which is scheduled to be ready by CES in January.

Missing in this prototype is the finalized volume control — which will be made of a 140-step resistor-bank. Fully balanced w/4 inputs (including an optional HT bypass) and fully discrete circuitry (no op-amps anywhere in the box.

Jones Audio gear is all Made in the USA all the way. Designs come from Seattle, the cases are manufactured in Santa Barbara and all the electronics are assembled in Idaho.

Jason Jones, son of the errant designer, showing off the new gear.

The sound coming from this room was superb. Best I’ve heard the big Revels sound anywhere. Extraordinary casework and rich, detailed, extended, quality sound.

Keep an eye on Jones Audio folks.

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