RMAF 2011: Ypsilon, Lansche, Bergmann

The AAudio room featuring Ypsilon and Lansche was one of my top 5 rooms at the show. The new $45k Lansche No. 5.1 headlined this particular show, sporting their glowing plasma tweeters that generally make me terrifically nervous.

Fire! Fire! Sorry.

Fed by some stunning (and stunningly priced) Greek electronics from Ypsilon, including the $72k Aelius monoblock amps by way of a $37k PST-100 Mk II preamp.

The least expensive thing in the room was the beautifully elegant and minimalist $12k Bergmann Magne Airbearing turntable with its linear tracking tonearm. That wired into the big rig by way of Michael Fremer’s favorite phono stage, the $26k VPS-100.

More Ypsilon gear handled the digital end of things, including the $26k CDT-100 CD player/transport and the $29k DAC-100 digital converter.

The room was a bit crowded, what with all the gear all over the floor, but sitting in the sweet spot, I got a head full of audio magic. Lotto Fairy money notwithstanding, this is an aspirational rig to be sure, but the sound quality in here was on par with the best of the best at the show.

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