Announcing the Black Cat Silver Star 75


Looks like the famous 1.23m $123 digital audio cable, Black Cat’s Veloce, is about to undergo a metamorphosis. Black Cat Cable’s brand spankin’ new offering — the Silver Star 75. Availability should be by New Years. The Silver Star 75 will replace the Veloce in the Black Cat stable, and pricing will get a small bump to $150.

So, what’s different? According to Chris Sommovigo, the cable’s designer and manufacturer:

The new cable incorporates some smaller improvements – namely the spiral-wound foil shield on the exterior of the internal silver-plated copper woven shield. This swap caused the woven shield to sit more tightly along the core of the cable, and serves as well to better contain leakage and control impedance. The removal of the fabric (nylon) sheath helps to decrease overall dielectric effect. The secret doodad under the heat shrink is a secret doodad. It does nothing. Or maybe it does. We make no claims specific to the secret doodad.

Tantalizing stuff. 😉

While final details are still being worked out (like the final aesthetic), I can tell you this — it comes in a can.

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