Christmas Eve and the Magnepan 20.7

Guess it was just a matter of time … and now, the secret is out. Yes, Magnepan has rev’d the 20.1 speaker, bringing it all the glorious goodness that was developed in the 1.7 and the 3.7 (and probably a bit more besides). The newest creation is called the 20.7 and it will make it’s world debut at CES this year. But as you’re daydreaming around the old fireside, replete with the pleasant exhaustion from over indulging in yet another Christmas holiday, here’s a little teaser over at AVGuide to help you get your jones on:

First Listen: Magnepan’s New Flagship 20.7 Loudspeaker

Now, I bet many of you are thinking: “how would I manage to sneak that under the tree?” No need to worry — I suspect first-customer-ship probably won’t be until Q2. But while pricing has yet to be finalized, I expect it’ll still be under $15k for a pair — not cheap by any means, but when you’re eating this high on the food chain, $15k is a freakin’ bargain by any comparison to those of it’s performance class and general pedigree. More specifically, if the 20.7 is anything like it’s little brothers, it will be the best deal in ultra high-end audio — for the next 10 years.

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah and all that.