The benefits of a bubble level

Well. In all fairness, no one ever said that cartridge alignment was simple. So, today, I got to spend an hour dialing in my Ortofon Windfeld cartridge. With luck, this is “it” — I revisited […]


New Music

I am a huge fan of Chris Jones and I regularly use his Roadhouses and Automobiles as one of my reference discs. One of the things that draws me to the disc, aside from the […]



Looks like we’re getting some stuff flowing in for review. First up will be a new Burson head-amp + DAC, the HA-160DS. Looks like a sweet desktop system — looking forward to brushing the cobwebs […]

Far Corners

The Waddles Are Coming

Just in time for the holidays, a new band has arrived. They’re little. They’re yellow. They’re different. No, try again — they’re ducks! And they rock. 😉 Check them out here at The Waddles.


Zu Audio Sale

Got this from Zu. Qualifying customers also get FREE shipping! Yep, even on loudspeakers (UPS Ground). Which loudspeakers are on sale @ 20% off and FREE shipping? ESSENCE SOUL SUPERFLY OMEN DEF OMEN OMEN BOOKSHELF […]


Berkeley Alpha USB: Arrived!

Pretty excited! My Berkeley Alpha USB has arrived at the dealer! Now, all I need is my Berkeley Alpha Series II DAC to show up … and that doesn’t ship till Nigel Tufnel Day.


RMAF 2011: MSB, Silverline

Silverline SR17 stand-mounted loudspeakers ($7500/pair). The two air purifiers — er, amplifiers — between the speakers are the $17.5k MSB Platinum Mono 202 Class A monoblocks. $4k Platinum Data CD IV CD transport (add $995 […]