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  1. See my post in System 2 point to the Trenner&Freidl Art monitor (Austrian)
    Lindemann Birdland BL-10 (German)

    Both are excellent (I have heard both), neither cheap, but the Lindemann puts a real dent in the pocket. The Heil Aulos bookshelf is the cheapest of the 3, but also the largest.
    Review in French: http://www.precide.ch/test/Heil/f_aulos%20BS_stereoprestigeimage%2055.pdf

    and German: http://www.precide.ch/test/Heil/d_Aulos_Bookshelf_HE_2010.pdf

  2. I’d suggest the new Proac Tablette Anniversary. In part, for selfish reasons. I’ve got a pair of the second edition of the original speaker (the Super Tablette), and would kill to know how they might sound with the new RWA Signature 15. But, also because they meet your criteria. Art Dudley’s reviews in Listener of two later versions of the speaker addressed their ability to be driven by SETs. Also, Gordon Ranking used to list the Tablette Signature 50 as being suitable for use with SETs, and used a pair in his lab for awhile. Check out Audio Asylum for a few related posts that report positive experiences using SETs with them in a near field set up.

    Nice website. Keep up the good work. Still looking forward to more of your comments on the RWA Signature 15.

    • Tom, thanks for the kind words!

      I’m very tempted by the Proac, but honestly, you’re the first person (other than a dealer) to actually recommend them. I was beginning to wonder if anyone actually owned them! I’ll be sure to dig into AC a bit more, thanks for the reminder.

      • ProAC is well known over this side of the Atlantic. However, they are said to have more of a refined, polite “pipe and slippers” kind of sound. They dont rock out.

    • This is what the French review translates to:

      “Even though we already know the extraordinary possibilities of the Heil driver, we cant believe the totally successful integration of this speaker with the exceptional 17cm bass/mid driver. In effect, the clarity, the airyness, the correctness of this speaker establishes new criteria of musicality linked to a power of analysis without equal. It must be heard without delay, as a truly new reference speaker in this compact speaker category is born and less than €2,100! Truly an embodiment of energy and musical precision.”

  3. Heard the Amphion at the store near the intersection of 7 &123–it sucks! Nice soundstage and nothing else.

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