Well, got all my travel arrangements set for the trip to Jacksonville. I’m only gonna be there for a day and a half, but I have high hopes to be able to get in to see everyone while I’m there.

AXPONA looks like a small show this year. Not sure what’s going on, is it a lack of interest in this particular show or venue? Who knows. I’m sure there’ll be lots of grumbling if the turnout is low. Me, I just want to go play with gear and I’ve been totally jonesing since I missed CES. Yep, it’s withdrawal. I guess it’s better (if not okay) that I know I have a problem, right? The first step is acknowledging my weakness ….

I’m really curious about the Carver Line Source speakers. Looks like a bunch of Sunfire ribbon speakers all stacked on top of each other! I also want to hit those guys up for some info around their upcoming preamp and 100wpc stereo amp based on the ballsy KT120 tube.

Chris Sommovigo’s The Signal Collection will be there, and I’m guessing he’ll be showing again with Todd Garfinkle of MA-Recordings, too. Definitely a worthy stop! I’m totally in lust with the Davonne speakers and this time he’s bringing the very cool omnidirectional Mojo speakers, hooked up to some cool components from Klimo. Love this stuff!

Other interesting items: Smyth Research will be there and, I’m hoping, showing off their Realizer again/still. Honestly, folks, this is the only reason I’m all hot buttered toast for headphones, and if you’ve never had the pleasure, do yourself a solid and try it out. It’s in-cre-di-bibble.

Soundfield is also going to be at AXPONA, which is lucky for me, because I’ve been chastised several times for missing them at past shows. The timing is pretty good, too, as I’m actively shopping for compact speakers.

Avatar Acoustics will be showing his Rosso Sienna speakers, the new Feickert Firebird turntable, all AMR components, all ASI cabling and accessories, and perhaps The Purist computer-based audio server from AMI HiFi. I think Avatar has some of the finest front ends on offer, so I expect that this will be a pro-long-ed stop.

Joseph Audio, The Voice That Is, YG, Soundsmith, Scaena — all are somewhat familiar and they all put on a good show. I’m looking forward to seeing what the Wood Artistry folks are going to use to drive their Orions this year and apparently, there’s a new crossover or something. Worth checking out! And who knows, maybe they’ll be some surprises thrown in, too.

Anyone planning to be around Friday night? Drop me a note!

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  1. Yes, the Soundfield room is not to be missed! We at Wywires are wiring up the two systems in the room. Please say Hi to my friend AJ as I will only be there in spirit.


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