AXPONA 2012: JIB, Mistral, Napa

JIB-Germany, a cable company, was showing some tasty bits to showcase their cables. Mistral DT-307S loudspeakers with a Napa Acoustics NA-208A integrated amplifier, and tunes from a Mistral DT-307CD player. $1,000 buys all three and a remarkably huge, room filling sound. Warm, fuzzy, cozy and delicious. I walked into the room, heard the music, and promptly asked if there was a subwoofer playing. Then another guy walked into the room and asked the same thing. Then a third person did the same thing as we did. By then, the second guy was peeking under the black cloth that was covering the tables, presumably looking for the subwoofer he’d been told wasn’t there. Let’s just say the demo was pretty impressive.

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