AXPONA 2012: M Audio

M Audio, aka, Maker Audio, was showing off their $25k Model 10 speaker. Interestingly, prices are much higher on their website, so for whatever it’s worth, I’m going with what I had in my show notes.

I’m not sure it’s fair or accurate to call the Model 10 a “lifestyle” speaker, but it certainly has a lot of the conveniences of one. This speaker is entirely active, with internal Class D amplification driving the all-ceramic Accuton drivers and integrated sub.

Also built-in is a full suite of DSPs for custom tailoring your room response.

And yes, that’s a USB input on that bass cabinet. This thing has on-board DACs and can support Bluetooth for your wireless streaming. All you need is an iPad and you’re ready to go.

Fit and finish is elegant. Footprint is tidy. There’s very little fuss or muss with this speaker, and quite frankly, the lack of “stuff” in the room was refreshing. This was an M Audio show.

Sound quality in this room was really quite good. The speakers sounded very lively, with excellent dynamics and wonderful imaging. Bass was slap-your-face tight and accurate.