An Audiophile Desktop from CEntrance

Michael Mercer over at CEntrance twisted my arm (ha ha!) about bringing in a new package that they’re positioning for the audiophile’s desktop, called, conveniently enough, the Audiophile Desktop.

$2,000 gets you a CEntrance DACmini PX, a pair of Masterclass 2504 speakers, and a giant Pelican case to lug them around in.

The PX is a head-amp, a full-function integrated 25wpc amplifier with an analog input, and a DAC that supports 192kHz/24-bit (over SPDIF)/ 96kHz/24-bit (over USB). All that’s missing is a turntable.

The speakers are unusual in just the way you’d want for near-field listening. The drivers are coaxial — the tweeter is inset into the center of the mid-range driver. Why is this good? Integration! The top goes smoothly into the mids, which makes near-field placement a snap. The big front-firing port gives you more flexibility to place the speakers all over the desktop, even on those desktops that push right up on a wall.

The piano black finish is not my favorite — I mean, I have to photograph it and “shiny black” rates right up there with “mirror finish” in terms of capture difficulty. More my problem than yours, but it does make it hard to show how pretty these little guys are.

And they are little. 9″ high and 6″ wide, the 2504s are almost exactly the same size as my Audioengine P4 speakers. Compact!

I’m gonna let ’em settle in for a while before I start swapping bits in and out. But I have to say that the look and feel is right up there. The feature set? Spot on. You’re getting a lot of bang for your buck for your entry fee.

More on this soon.

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  1. I purchased an ADS system back in September but still haven’t received the reserve cables…kind of a bummer because the cables are what sealed the deal for me. Hope they get back in stock soon!

  2. Thanks so VERY much for posting your initial impressions of the system Scot!! We just decided that we are going to include a pair of high end speaker cables w/ the system (also black, braided). I just got finished testing them out (I couldn’t stand shipping the system w/ zipcord – so Michael Goodman and the team came up with some terrific CEntrance cables (like our current Reserve Series interconnects), with splendid banana-plug terminations that fit snugly into the speakers and the PX!!

    GREAT pix, and I’m psyched you’re running it in!!!!

    Michael Mercer
    Director of Marketing

    • I’ve been listening to music with the Audiophile Desktop at my office for two months now and love it (16/44 and 24/96 via USB). The sound is so good that it sometimes distracts me from my work. Will the new cables be available for sale on the CEntrance web site so that past purchasers of the Desktop can buy them? Thanks.

      • Hi Craig!!

        SO glad you’re enjoying the ADS system! It was the deciding factor for me, when they approached me for a job (I already loved and wrote about the DACport, but when my wife and I heard the ADS system at RMAF last year, I said yes – this company knows what they’re doing – – and they’re a killer team)

        YES – we are going to make the CEntrance speaker cables available for sale on the website, and we may even have something special lined up for people like yourself who’ve already purchased the system – we’re hashing out the details right now.

        Please feel free to email me:
        and I’ll let you know ASAP (probably before the official press release)

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