New amps from Conrad-Johnson

Any Conrad-Johnson fans out there? Well, if so, this might be right up your alley.

In his April 2012 column “Sam’s Space”, Stereophile’s Sam Tellig recently wrote about the fascination that Bill Conrad and Lou Johnson have with the new super-tube, the KT120. Part of the 6550 family of tubes, until recently the C-J tube of choice, the KT120 offers better tone, extension and more power. Oh, and they’re currently being manufactured, unlike the 6550 Flying C.

So, what’s new?

The “Special Edition” versions of their amps!

The Classic Sixty SE is already up on the website. This amp uses the new Conrad-Johnson Designs (CJD) Teflon capacitors and the new KT120 output tubes.

What’s not on the site (yet) is the LP125M SE amplifier. This monoblock amp is good for 125wpc and uses the new caps and the new tubes. Price is $12,500/pair.

What else isn’t on the site? The ART stereo amplifier. This amp is, obviously, the stereo version of C-J’s top-of-the-line SOTA assault on the high-end $35k/pair ART monoblocks. Price is $18,500; it also uses the newest caps and tubes, and is good for 140wpc.

These units are shipping today. Lead times may vary.


  1. Happy Easter PTA…

    Well, next week the Easter Bunny will be delivering a belated present…namely a McIntosh 50th Anniversary MC275. I’m as excited ’bout that as you are about your Lampizator 4+

    I’m going to be replacing the stock KT88’s with Gold Lion’s…but someone’s also recommended the JJ Blue Glass 88’s. Any experience with these…or perhaps someone within your extended network of tubeOphiles?

    Also looking for a recommendations for 6550’s as I’m going to be trying a few alternatives during the “honeymoon”.



    • I think the Gold Lions are a great bet — and that is a sweet amp, congrats! Remember — pics or it didn’t happen!

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