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New York, New York

The New York Audio show starts in a couple of hours in the very posh Waldorf-Astoria hotel.

This is a crazy hotel. It’s the size of a city block and feels like a castle on the inside. Lots of dark wood, dark leather and crystal everywhere.


I’ll have a lot to say, I’m sure. But most of that will be over at TONEAudio, so remember to check them out!

2 Comments on New York, New York

  1. Some how TONEAudio flew under my radar all these years. Looks to be a really great publication. Wonderful photography, concise reviews. Bookmarked!

    If you’re taking requests, how about Devialet (if they’re there).

  2. PTA – after Axpona expectations you have set for your fans is huge – dont forget the 20.7’s over at Lyric 🙂 I’ll head over to Tone and check out your new digs…………


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