Pregame: THE Show at Newport Beach 2012

T.H.E. Show at Newport Beach is one week away!

This will be a first time for me, so that’s fun. It’s at the beach (sort of — the beach is actually some distance from the airport), so that’s fun too. I’m planning on hanging out with Peter Brueninger of AVShowrooms (and TAS, Stereophile and a few others) on Friday and shoot a couple of rooms with him, so that’ll be … funnest?

If you haven’t checked out AVShowrooms, I recommend it. Peter shoots all his content in HD video, which as far as I can tell, is unique in the industry. And exciting. Not really a video guy myself, it’s nonetheless interesting to see what the future of high-end audio reporting will (and should) look like. Ready-made for YouTube!

I’ll make a prediction right here — the next great-big-audio-media-sensation will be a model. Like Morgan Webb. Okay, maybe not.

With my fancy new camera, I’ll have the option to try out some video, too, so stay tuned for that. I might even do the entire show as Darth Vader, or something. With some luck, the shakes and panning won’t make you throw up. We’ll see.

So, back to the show. I don’t have a list of performers (if there are any), or of seminars (if there are any), but the list of exhibitors is pretty lengthy. Should be a great show!


  1. AVShowrooms is so cool! I especially like the World’s Great Audio Systems page. Keep those coming.

    If you’re doing any beach site-seeing while in OC, I would recommend you hit up the Huntington Beach pier. A few decent restaurants around. The drummer for Korn has a seafood place on Main st.

    • LOL — thanks for the tip. I hope I’m going to be allowed away from my keyboard this weekend ….

      • I meant, if you planned on arriving a few days early, or staying past the weekend. I know the weekend has one purpose. Coverage!

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