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Newport 2012: MA Recordings and Davone

Can I let you in on secret?

The last two audio shows that I’ve been to were all aflutter over a speaker. And rightfully so. For $2,300, the Davone Mojo is … little … (not) yellow … and definitely different.

What makes it so alluring? I think it’s the price, at least in part — audio’s high-end is littered with five- and six-figured price tags. And more. So, when a four-figured speaker comes along and does things differently, well, let’s just say folks take notice.

I remember what happened at NYAV — folks were in the halls, whispering excitedly about the little wonder they found in the MA-Recordings room.

What makes it different? Well, it’s an omni. Like MBL, but, ah …cheaper. I mean, way cheaper.

Put them on some stands, a desktop, or even some end-tables, give them some space for the sound to develop and produce the spaciousness omnis are justly renowned for, and step back.


Personally, I love these little guys. They’re not the most detailed, nor do they do magical things with bass reproduction. But what they do, they do really well — and then there’s that 360˚ thing. Crazy, man.

The Mojo is available in a variety of finishes — in that, I mean the wooden puck can come in a variety of finishes. I’m pretty sure they’re all interchangeable, so feel free to get a couple to suit your continuously changing moods.

Playback in the room came from a Bel Canto integrated, with files coming off a Korg. This is also what Todd uses to do all his capturing.

Tunes came courtesy of Todd Garfinkle of MA-Recordings.

Have you heard Todd’s work yet? It’s like nothing else that I’ve heard. Air, space, life — Todd records in “living places”, like temples, amphitheaters, and abandoned theaters. With an MA-Recordings album, all of that “live space” comes with the music. Anyway, I think they’re great. Perhaps coolest of all are the 24bit/176kHz DVDs. If you have a good DAC, this will be quite an audio treat. Reference-quality material all the way around.

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  1. Certainly agree. MA record are a notch above and special as are FIM discs.
    In addition, Todd is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet at the shows. Alway a pleasure to talk with him as well as get his recommendations.

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