On the bench: Peachtree Nova Pre and 220 Amplifier

Well, I think I’ve found a match for the Magnepan Minis. The $999 Peachtree Audio Nova Pre and the $1,399 Peachtree 220 provide a cost-appropriate match for the $1,500 Minis, and also add a stunning amount of bass and control. The little Minis really opened up!

I’ve been running them, by turns, with a $2,200 Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum amp (90wpc) and a $4,100 Luxman L-505u (100wpc), and at first blush (I’ve only been running the Peacthree pair for a couple of days), the match up is as rich as the Rogue and feels even more ballsy than the Luxman. More break-in is required, but I’ve got my trusty old Oppo 980HD on an infinite loop, hooked in as a transport into the Peachtree pair with my Black Cat Silver Star digital cable. More soon.


  1. May be too dated to get a response… but… don’t the Maggies, or any set of speakers with only and 85db sensitivity need a lot more power than the mINT, or any of these amps output – to drive them properly??? At least 300+ per channel into 4 ohms???

    I’ve been considering the mINT, and the Nova 220 to drive my KEF LS50’s, or some Maggies, and I’m afraid they won’t have enough power for either – both only 85-87db sensitivity. So… my likely choice is the W4S STI-500, which should be fine with both. W4S reports they won’t have higher power mINT’s for a while yet.

    • Also – are you still using the Nova 220 to drive your Maggies? If so, how they doing? If not, what are you using?

      • It’s on the list of to-do’s, but honestly, I’ve had other fish in the fryer ….

  2. Love to hear how that works out . I’m driving my Mini Maggies with a Wyred4Sound mINT Integrated amp . Pretty sweet combo & clears up the desk clutter

    • Shodhan, Did you make any comparisons before buying the mINT? Any tube integrateds? The mINT seems to be too good to be true, 6 Moons went overboard for it. Are you happy to just listen to music and not worry about equipment? The Mini Maggies might like the power the mINT puts out. I’m considering the mINT to drive the GT Audio Works Ribbon/Magnetic planars and your reaction to how the Minis sound should have a direct bearing on my intended use.

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